Peas on Earth presented for UNESCO

Tröskan visas för Unesco

Tröska hopfälld

At the presentation the Wet-Thresh was demonstrated that is the first step in the Ecoreaktor™. To make it more flexible it is possible to collapsing the machine. This step separate the seed from the stalk and compresses out the liquid.peasloggo5


Food, energy and wealth from a healthy soil …

Growing peas can have many positive effects. Without exaggerating, it can actually help to save the world. Your everyday choices are important – have you thought about what products you choose to buy and why?  Learn more about our arguments for pea-ethanol.

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Welcome to PeasOnEarth and Ecoetanol @ Sweden AB. Here you can read more about us and how to produce vehicle fuel ethanol at a good price for a local market (see production data).Bookmark and come back for news! 

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